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                                          -Enter The Ancient Ones-

 This site is for the family, not your husband, wife, boyfriends, girlfriends, ( unless your girlfriend has girlfriends ) I am building this site so that in my absence, you all may profit from my, scheming and backwards way of doing things.
                        I hope that you all use it well !

  There is a section for Drops, what monsters drop what, as well as how much gold can be collected, I will work on Rankings, guild lists, Activity listing and more ! but for now this site is a Major Work in progress !

 As My good Friend and fellow Guildie would say...
              "Take Care Of Each Other, Be Safe And Level Hard "!  ~The Reptile~

                                                                                Edited by;  -BladeDancer-
                                                                        Oh ! Desty, You Rule Supreme ! until i return                                                                                                          and kick the shit out of your UM ass...
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